Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Writing & its Magic

I am Paige Lollie, a rookie in the art of writing. Though I have written fanfiction and other items for many years, I don't feel like I have begun to master this ability. However, this is a dream of mine and one I have held on to for just about as long as I can remember.

It is a dream to be able to create using words. It is a mystical and magical ability that takes luck, talent, and training. The words need to be balanced; right for the story, perfect to yourself, and be able to bind and elevate an audience. The sense of right or wrong, good or bad seem to get lost within this special art. There isn't a simple answer to anything one wants to do. If you can do it, if the magic is there, there are no rules.

But finding this elusive magic is like remembering your dreams. Sometimes it's vivid, easy, and right at your fingertips. Sometimes it's muggy, has missing parts, and is as frustrating as writing an essay on math (something I hope to never experience). And other times it just simply isn't there.

I want to be able to find my magic, work on and hone it, bring it to life, and see that the dream of these words getting published come to life.

This here will be my training ground. I am to work and rework items. Bring in news, advice, rants, and observations. Aim for immortality among people while experiencing crushing, and humbling, blows of defeat. This here will be my way in working towards that dream.

Within "The Dream Words" I am aiming for perfect and messy, balance and chaos, life and death, and everything dramatic and laid-back that is in between. This will be a writing haven for myself, and perhaps others, during the day.

With this I hope to make tears, laughter, hope, inspiration, and entertainment. I want everyone who read what's in here to feel something.

That's what writing is about after all!

So, please enjoy yourself here. Hopefully the emotions, entertainment, and magic will be coming your way.